CTDS Services


CTDS is for organizations (schools, districts, states, foundations) interested in establishing and monitoring valid outcome metrics for college attendance and persistence. The system tracks two and four-year college attendance, and reports are disaggregated by ethnicity and gender. Specific student and program level variables can also be tracked.

The BERC Group provides data for organizations in a timely and cost effective way. Reports include the names of colleges each student attends and how many students attend that college.

Custom Reports

These are some of the value-added services you get from a custom report:

  • Fraction of the cost of doing it yourself
  • Quality and reliability of data
  • Quick turn around
  • Consistent data over time
  • Presented in a meaningful way
  • We can show college persistence over time, present findings in person, put data into a reform context, and provide comparison groups

Collect – Analyze – Interpret – Report - Consult

Sample Report (PDF)

Click to download a sample custom CTDS report